Blé noir - Créperie bretonne

From Finistère
to Switzerland

Our new Crêperie in Eaux-Vives Vives is now OPEN

The authenticity of the crepes from Brittany with the best Swiss ingredients

The place

Located Place de l’Octroi in Carouge neighborhood, the crêperie Blé Noir  finds itself in the old Cheval Blanc address.

The restaurant has been completely refurbished and decorated with a touch and feel of Brittany strong identity thanks to the geneva based architectural studio Ykra who are specialized in restaurants design.

The overall concept mixes the best of Brittany and Swiss raw materials for an overall comfortable, warm and unique atmosphere.

Blé noir

The concept

At Crêperie “Blé Noir” created by Cecilia and Benjamin you will taste some authentic crêpes from Brittany, served “Kraz” (understand crispy in Breton) and topped with fresh and seasonal ingrédients mainly locally sourced. We selected only  the best to offer the classics and deliver or best original creations.

Gruyère from the mountain pasture of  Semsales, lard from Begnins, ham from the Jussy’s farm, Ricotta from Geneva, Bleu and raclette from Valais – or the best of Britanny: andouille from Guémené, organic ciders and flours  straight form the west. 

Wether you like to venture towards the classics, are a really connoisseur or you may be feeling a little more adventurous, we cater for all tastes .

In the evenings, we offer a wide variety of dishes stemmed from the Brittany gastronomy such as crêpe maki and buckwheat crisps that are ideal for the Aperitif to share or not . Enjoyed over a glass of cider or nature wine, costed up inside or on the sunny terrace.

The restaurant Ble Noir just for you ?
We offer the possibility to privatize the entire restaurant, also for all your festive celebrations needs we have an extra room with a capacity of 12o persons .

Equiped with a bar, a dance floor and a small stage the room is ideal to entertain, wether for a birthday, a corporate function or just a friendly get together.

Fresh ingredients are at the essence of creation .

Our partners

Talented farmers , cider and wine makers are all part of our philosophy . we commonly believe in the best ingredients and how it will translate in your plate.

Tradition with a contemporary twist

About us

Cecilia, originally from Britanny and Benjamin from Geneva but breton at heart, imagined Blé noir as a way to share their passion for the breton gastronomy and thought of it as a poetic and culinary expérience to be enjoyed to the fullest .

Each ingrédient on the menu has been thoughtfully selected to create the tastiest combinations.

Cecilia : “To me, the crêpe is the taste of my childhood, during which I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s . coming back from school, I would find her in the kitchen where she would have me sit on a pile of fresh sheets that had just been folded . I would watch her prepare the dough with her bare hands before spreading it with a rozel in an even and really thin coat of dough on the burning crepe-maker. The idea of this restaurant stemms from these lovely memories I have of her.”

The authenticity of the crepes from Brittany with the best Swiss ingredients